Edward Davidson
Scottish Wildlife & Landscape
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Scottish Wildlife & Landscape Artist



Scottish artist Edward Davidson is entirely self-taught and works from his studio at home and his studio in Killiecrankie, Perthshire, now part of the The Cairngorms Scottish National Park. Edward is a member of the Scottish Ornithologists Club (SOC ) and Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT). He has a great passion for natural history and Scottish landscapes.

Edward spends many hours out in the field studying his subjects. This can be as diverse as photographing gannets on the Bass Rock at North Berwick, as to a safari in Africa to photographing lions. It is from his favourites that he decides his next painting. Edward gets immense pleasure from painting and hopes that others experience as much pleasure from looking at his finished work. Edwards paintings are much admired and sought after. Especially his puffin paintings and prints with there distinctive blue

background and beautifully detailed painted rocks and puffins. His painting Puffin Rock has been purchased by Lord James Douglas Hamilton (The 11th Earl of Selkirk) and hangs in his Scottish stately home.


I work mainly in oils, but occasionally use acrylics for some backgrounds. I always use the best materials and traditional methods and work with canvas and linen. For very fine work that requires great detail I use board that is primed with 4 coats of gesso. I work from feild studies and photographs and use my computer as a tool. Before I paint a picture I can actually see it on my computer as it would be a completed painting. This is done by selecting all the photos I will use in the painting and
cropping main subjects and pasting them in to the back ground I chose to paint. This way I can move subjects about till I think it works best for the painting.

If you are interested in any of my paintings for purchase I would be pleased to talk you through the painting and inspiration that inspired me to put this to canvas.

I am adding to my paintings all the time, and my work in progress can be seen in my On The Easel section so please come back regularly.

Scottish wildlife & landsacpe photography web site.

Over the years, Edward has captured many beautiful images throughout Scotland, from it's diverse wildlife to it's beautiful landscapes. He is now in the process of launching his Scottish wildlife and landscape photography web site.Click here.

Canon EOS 5d mk ll, 16-35 Canon L. 1 min exposure.